A fine hill in Blair Atholl

It was Tuesday evening, the weather was fantastic and I was all set for my trip up Beinn Dearg (Blair Atholl) in the morning, the bag was packed lunch made up and the bike was on the car, I was so excited I went to bed early so the morning would come quicker.

Up at 5am to a glorious morning breakfast, dog walked and I was away for just after 6, a leisurely drive up the A9 had me in the car park at the Old Bridge of Tilt and set off for 8am. It’s normally a two hour walk in as far as the Alt Sheicheachan bothy but I was hoping to reach it in about an hour.

I have included a few photos which might give you an idea of the walk

eave the car park and turn left along the Tarmac road.

tay on the tarmac road to a crossroads continue straight onto a dirt track and pass a cottage on the left, continue on through the really nice Banavie woods. 

Continue on this track ignoring all junctions to the left until you meet a large metal gate, this marks the end of the forest and the track takes you all the way to the bothy.

When you reach this large stone structure you will be about half way to the bothy


he good track continues

Alt Sheicheachan Bothy the best bothy I have ever come across. I made it this far in 1 hour 10mins

Not bad considering I got off and walked at the steep bits.

I stopped for a break and this is where I met a fellow walker Chris on holiday from Windsor. He had walked in from the car park in just over two hours. We had a good chat and as he was a bit unsure of the route we decided to team up. The route can be found behind the bothy cross the stream and keep following the excellent path.

The very posh bothy.

Looking back the way you have come.

The obligatory summit shot

Fantastic 360 views can be had from the summit but you will just have to go yourself to see them.

After a break we headed back down and reached the bothy in under an hour, I picked up my bike and was back at the car park 45 minutes later. The walk out is really lovely but a wee bit of a slog after 2 hours.

I would recommend this hill to anyone especially on a fine day like I had.