And some got Bidean....

On 14 June club members were invited to come along and enjoy an outing in Glencoe.  By the time we set off we had a total of 17 people in the party which I’m reliably informed is a bit of a record for a club outing – maybe folks came along hoping the new Chair might get them all lost!!

Leading up to the outing the weather had been changeable to say the least and we there was good intelligence to say that the gully leading into the Lost Valley was still blocked out with snow and ice and certainly once we got sight of it this proved to be correct.  The route we took included the Zig Zags, a Grade One scramble that takes you to the top of Gearr Aonach before taking us along the ridge to the summit of Stob Coire nan Lochan.

For a few of the group this was their very first time on a graded scramble so as we approached the main scramble there where some nerves evident, but everyone did really well, although Lynn had to work hard on the “bad step” but only because she has wee legs!!  I’ve never had to lead so many people on scramble but pretty soon we where all at the top of the scramble and enjoying a well deserved snack and soaking up the views which where really starting to open up now.

Once we where fed and watered we set of along the long ridge towards the summit of Stob Coire nan Lochan – this is a pretty long walk and in places not the easiest terrain.  We even had to employ our new scrambling skills in places.  The racing snakes got away but a gang of hung back and enjoyed the trip, including another sneaky wee snack stop, before topping out.  A bunch of folk decided to go ahead and bag Bidean whilst the rest sat back and sunbathed – yes the weather was that good on the summit. 

John set off with an advanced party around the head of the corrie whilst the others where heading back from the summit of Bidean.  Once again the terrain was pretty rough all the way down to the col before we struck off down into the corrie proper and headed down the path into Alt Coire Gabhail and down back to the car park.  It was a tremendous day out and the views we managed to bag where outstanding.  On top of that a good few folk managed their first graded scramble with no ill effect and a gang of us enjoyed a brew and some scran in the Real Food café in Tyndrum on the way home.